PRO TUNED: 2009 BMW 335XI – Gained +47AWHP +61AWTQ at 6500rpm!


Hit the dyno with Andy’s 2009 BMW 335xi. Scorcher outside, 95F. On top of that the car is AWD so naturally higher drivetrain losses than RWD (10-12% RWD drivetrain losses vs. 20-22% drivetrain losses in the AWD 335xi). Bone stock, XIs make 247awhp/260awtq on this same type of dyno, in much nicer weather conditions.

Dyno was a Dynojet 424X 4WD dyno, typically a lower reading dyno than your average 2WD Dynojet. Andy’s car has full boltons (intake, fmic, catless downpipes and exhaust), RB turbos and runs pump gas only, no methanol injection. The car went on the dyno with OTS Stage2+ Aggressive (Linear Throttle). It made 369awhp/396awtq with power and torque tapering towards redline. After our custom calibration with Cobb’s AccessTuner we made what we feel are some impressive gains especially given awful weather conditions and pump gas only.

Result: Gain of +30awhp, +30awtq peak compared to the Off The Shelf (OTS) Stage 2+ Aggressive Cobb tune. What’s even more impressive is at 6500rpm the car gained +47awhp +61awtq over the stage2+ map!

With nicer weather conditions the car will no doubt make another 15-20whp easily on pump gas. With methanol, given the relatively conservative tuning we are running at this point (18psi peak) we have plenty of room to grow. Andy is a road course junkie and in his world controllable power at the tip of his foot means more than peak hp. We’ve also adjusted his linear throttle map further to his liking for better tip in feel and smoothness.

In case you’re wondering, a similarly equipped RWD 335i would baseline considerably higher (270-280whp instead of 247awhp with the XI). If we went wild and swapped Andy’s drivetrain to RWD this same car would’ve put down approximately 440-450whp on PUMP gas in 95F conditions (today), 465-470whp in nicer weather, which is pretty astounding at least to us.

Dyno chart below. Andy, thank you for trusting us with custom tuning on your car, all the best!

P.S. I’ll update the post with pics of Andy’s tricked out white LCI E90 once I receive them along with pics of the action from the dyno.




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